Saturday, November 29, 2008

26/11 of India,Black Wednesday in Historical November 2008

Only 11 is not common between 9/11 of USA and 26/11 of India,there are many more common elements like both countries suffered the terrorist attack on this date ,it hardly matters which terrorist group will take ownership one thing that is quite sure, is that they are enemy to humanities. At both the places the strategies used were unbeatable and at both the places terrorist group were highly successful in their achieving the objective they might have set for their mission. USA after the incident took lesson and become highly vigilant about such terrorist attack and made policies which helped the country to protect itself form such repeat action ,people in India have also started talking to make such policies which may help this country from providing any such opportunities in future to terrorist group to take country on hostage .May god bless our leaders to use their wisdom in taking such decisions which are in the interest of this great Nation and which are above politics.

The lesson learnt are many, neither Raj Thackrey nor any of their member who repeatedly announced that Mumbai belong to their father and only Marthai manush has right to live in Mumbai dare to came out of their den,in future if again Raj Thackrey and their team member do any such act they should also be treated with similar action,I wish they should also learn to live and let other live in Mumbai which certainly do not belong to their father but part of this Great Nation i.e. India.

November 2008 will have special place in the History of two largest democracy of the world,in USA it has become historic due to election of OBAMA at the post of President of USA and India it shall be remembered for the most tragic attack of terrorist which took more than 54 hours to get free the hostages enjoying their stay in hotel TAJ and Trident Oberoi the most glorious hotel of Mumbai.Apart from the history of the nation many families who have lost their loved ones will remember the day the month and the year for loss they had to suffer due to this tragic incident.Also we Indian will never forget the martyrs HS Karkarey ,Major Unikrishnan and many other soldiers who lost there lives for the keeping the glory of mother India high ,my salute to all those who put their life on stake for the country."I am Proud of this Nation who despite many odds have been able to retain the head high".


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Advantage of disadvantage (2)


Presidential election held on 4th November have created history,now it is for sure that Mr. OBAMA of African origin will take over as 44th President of USA ,being black once considered as disadvantage has given an edge to the Presidential candidate over and above other special qualities he possessed which forced US voters to wipe off the democrats from the fray. My hearty congratulations for scoring unprecedented margins ,which has created hopes for millions of people in side as well as out side the USA that under the able leadership of Mr. Obama the most powerful person in the world, will be able to maintain sentiments of "वसुधेव कुटुम्बकम" the old dictum of Hindu philosophy among the all human beings irrespective of cast or skin color.

One more example of disadvantage being converted into advantage is that despite the herculean efforts done by the Government of India since independences to increase the export of the country we could not take it to 1-2% of the GDP till now and this is clearly a case of bad planning and bad execution of the plans by the leaders ship and beurocrates of the country as compared to other countries like Japan ,Korea or China who are exporting more than 50% of their GDP ,this has been achieved within a span of 25-30 years but the failure of leadership has given the advantage to the country , because of which India will not be affected so badly as compared to the countries whose economy is export oriented from out the financial turmoil in USA as a result of which global economy is shaken.

The art of converting advantage into disadvantage will do some more good to others as well due to recession in economy many people will be able to afford the property which became almost unfordable by the common man of the country, in the companies who did not care for the non productive manpower in the past will start taking notice of sincere and productive manpower to give them their dues and get rid of the bad employees.

There will be many more disadvantages which shall be converted in to advantage by Indians in the world which we may come across in time to come my hats off to such people and "I am proud of such son of the soil who are making Indian's proud in the world"

Ajay Singh"EKAL"

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