Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Idiot System

I recently saw a movie 3 idiots. The movie was a mega hit .The story, the acting all hit but the message it had given to the public was due to idiot system we are unable to use our wisdom and just keep running behind the system. A big question before us here is that is it the fault of the system or it lies some where else and instead of hammering at the root we are just trying to get temporary solution of the problem by striking here and there as per our convinience .

Last week in Mumbai alone three students did suicide just because they were lacking behind in the studies due to their interest in some other activities where they wanted to show their talent .Neha Sawant a 11 year old girl was one of them who had made her identity through a TV realty program Boogie Woogie was interested to pursue the carrier in that field against the wishes of their parents so under pressure she had to suicide.

High profile people like KPS Gill and SPS Rathore are able to play as per their wishes and the system is looking  at them helplessly ,how the same system when public got awaked made the culprit get their dues by the court, Home ministry and other authorities? Has the system changed for the last 19 years in case of SPS Rathore or 22years since KPS Gill played mischievous with Rupal Bajaj who herself was an IAS officer.

The buck do not stop here. Hockey players are not getting their salary and have refused to practice ,where as the International competition are starting next month. The corporate which are queuing for support of the Cricket teams and open their treasure to buy the IPL teams are not showing any interest for the players of this national games who are passing through a measurable condition. Neither Hockey Federation nor Ministry has taken suitable action to bring the situation normal. The reason for the same is corporates are not looking beyond the profits and people sitting the Government are just intrested in blame game instead of woning the responsibilties to save India form National Shame.

JMM Chief Shibu Soren despite not having even the simple majority have succeeded in grabing   the Chair of Chief Minister third time with the help of BJP the second largest National Party of India who talks alot when it comes to talk ideal. Shibu Soren is facing many criminal charges and was underground for many months when he was convicted by court in a murder case. The party with difference is supporting it.

There may be many more example where the system may be found guilty but to me it seems the fault of the people who are responsible for implementing the system not the system it self. Possibly the same system when implemented properly can give the results which are appreciable and give satisfaction to the public at large.

The major reason for the powerful people to use system in their benefit is beacuse we are all just looking for the self interest and no beyond. One day I heard a joke " जब मैंने अपने एक दोस्त को बताया की तुम्हारे पड़ोस में आग लग गयी है तो उसने कहा की मेनू की (मुझे क्या मतलब) और जब मैंने उसे कहा की आग तुम्हारे घर में लगी है तो बोला की तेनु की (तुम्हे क्या मतलब). Now the problem is when we do not have courage ,we stopped caring for self respect ,the priority of earning money is so high that a High official of a Rank Left. General could sale the Government Land in Assam for few bucks what better you expect from the society.

The major question before the country is when do we start thinking beyond ourselves ,when we will learn to work for the country instead of my self and my family . So either let us take pledge to work for the Nation or let the thing happen as are happening there is no point in " चलनी में दूध दुहो और कर्मो को दोष दो "

Ajay Singh"Ekal"