Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slum Dog an Oscar Saga

I am not sure if the film Slum Dog Millionaire has made all those "slum dogs"Millionaire but I am sure it has made Millionaire to Danny Boyle for showing the slums of India , Guljar for writing a memorable song "Jai Ho" and Rehman for composing the music of the song, more interestingly the song has made millionaire to the music company for selling the rights to the Indian National Congress, who bought it for a Rs.2Crore,to play in election rallies and swap the other political parties with "Jai HO",in time to come, there may be many more who will be millionaire by the film popularity and business it is likely to do .But I have serious doubt if it will make millionaire to any of the slum dogs who got high hopes of rags to riches .

The life is like that only.Some 20 years ago Mira Nair made a film "Salam Bombay" the film was made on a good plot, which impressed many critics and public at large ,did good business and was nominated to Oscar too, Mira Nair made Millions out of the show. A Karnataka boy, Shafiq Syed who played role of Krishna in film, won the President's Medal also for best child artist but could do nothing better than driving an auto rickshaw on the roads of Bangalore .

Making fun of people's compulsion is the old habit of those who are blessed ,I remember when some one complaint about the non availability of good wheat, the leader flying in Helicopter suggested to eat "Double Roti" .There are many school of thought on showcasing the measurable conditions prevailing in poor localities and slums ,where even potable water is difficult to get, what to talk of other basic facilities.Some will say what is the harm if film makers are making stories on slums and getting nominations in Oscar ,there may be some who will advocate against it too.

In such circumstances I recall the biggest showman of the Bollywood a legendary Film maker who made super flop film "Mera Naam Joker" and lost his all money in the hope to make some, and made fun of himself by playing role of Joker ,how good it is to make fun of yourselves instead of others.I admire Sant Kabir who once said "कबीरा आप ठगाइए और ना ठगिये कोए ,आप ठगे सुख होते है और ठगे दुःख होएय " but any ways an Indian movie got the Oscar first time in history of 81 years so "I am also proud of my Nation who have made its place in Oscar list no matter at what cost".

Ajay Singh "Ekal"