Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kalidas in BJP


You may be surprised to read the heading, how come when every body one by one leaving BJP, Kalidas ,the most wise person of his time who wrote literature like Kumar Sambahv and Sakuntlam etc. is in party . After the Indian public choose to go with weaker Prime Minister for making him strong, it seems the BJP leaders are also following the path by weaking the party and playing role of Kalidas and Dhritrastra.Some are even trying to play Chandragupta too.
Before Kalidas participated in स्वयंवर ( पुराने भारत मे विवाह के लिए स्त्रियो द्वारा रचाई जाने वाली एक रस्म ) invited by Vidottma, Kalidas was not being considered a wise man instead was considered a fool but the interpreter of the conversation held on the occasion of स्वयंबर, due to their vested interest were able to prove a wise man. The history of India is witness to making of Kalidasa form fool to the most wise person of his time.
But that is not all, Kalidas was the only person known till now in India about whom it is said that "कालिदास इतने मूर्ख थे की वह जिस डाल पर बैठे थे उसी को काट रहे थे " और मजे की बात यह है की सारी दुनिया भी यही मानती है सिवाय मुझे छोड़ कर, मेरा मानना है की दुनिया का कोई भी आदमी चाहे जितना मूर्ख हो ऐसा नही कर सकता ,क्योकि मूर्ख से भी मूर्ख आदमी को भी पता है, की आप जिस डाली पर बैठे है उसे तबतक नही काट सकते जब तक दूसरी डाल जो उससे जिआदा मजबूत न हो जिस पर आप बैठे है को पकड़ने का इंतजाम न कर ले, पर यह सोच आम आदमी की हो सकती है, बुद्धिमान की नही बुद्धिमान आदमी को पता है की आप जिस डाल पर बैठे है उसको काटेंगे तो सम्भावना है की आप मर जाए ,और गीता में भगवान श्री कृष्ण का कहना है, की मरना तो केवल कपड़े बदलने की तरह शरीर बदलना है ,अतः मरने से डरना कैसा ,और डर भी गए तो वह रुकेगी थोडी बल्कि यह तो एक मौका होगा आत्मा से परमात्मा के मिलन का, इसलिए यदि आप जिस डाली पर बैठे है और उसी को काट रहे है तो आप महान है,विद्वान् है ,और कुछ हो न हो कम से कम मूर्ख तो बिल्कुल ही नही है
I there fore admire the episode played by Arun Jaitely and Rajnath Singh before the election started , Narendra Modi and L.K. Advani through the posters "Kaun Banega Pradhan Mantri"episode and not now the soap opera which started after the election results where Advani ji played by resigning and Raj Nath played role for requesting not to resign, Dr.Joshi on the issue of leader of opposition ,Jaswant on their issue and Yashvant on other issues etc. but that is not all.
Like in ancient Mahabharat ,BJP is also having Krishna on the chariot (रथ ) to lead ,but this time Krishna is not fighting for Panadav to get them their dues instead asking Pandava to fight to make king to Krishna ,one more point is worth noting is that ध्रितराष्ट्र this time are in both the parties Congress is having Sonia and Murli Devra,Sharad Pawar etc. BJP is also second to none having Vasundhra,Jaswant and Maneka etc. Therefore Krishna now not fighting against the Kaurav the son of ध्रितराष्ट्र instead Krsihana while fighting against having many in their side too.
The solution for infight of BJP has been suggested by some शाएर " दर्द का हद से गुजर जाना ही है ख़ुद दवा होना" So let us wait and see when things will be setled and again BJP will be known for good "चाल ,चरित्र और चेहरा " so as to command the same respect as they did in 1999।
With all good wishes ,
Ajay Singh "Ekal"