Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chanda Mama Aab Door Nahi

The most popular rhyme "चंदा मामा दूर के " will sound good no more ,with the successful launch of " First Indian Moon Mission Chandrayaan" the myth of moon being far is possibly broken, but I wish the other associated wishes like moon being sweet like maternal uncle and many more should remain and continue for centuries to come.Let science reduce the distance and not the love and respect.

Some 4-5 years ago there was a news that companies in USA have started selling the land at the moon still there are companies breaking news associated with it is that over 300 Million acre is already sold. When I saw this news first thought that it might be some fraud business and never tried to find if it is real ,but now with India's presence on the moon will open the new door of business for property dealers in India too.The news is giving more comfort as it has come at time when global business are in spate of recession.

This all is only one side of the story , now it is difficult to imagine where the lovers who always use to sing the song "चलो दिलदार चलो चाँद के पार चलो " will go and find the place as safe as moon use to be.

Some day scientist may find the way to reach the other planets also, which far big and distant as compare to moon and are seen with utmost respect , representing the sentiments.But I am awaiting the day when all human being have equal opportunities with no differential treatment between haves and haves not, having food and shelter for need and living with respect and dignity in the society .

Again my heartiest congratulations to Indian Scientists who made all "Indian's Feel Proud"

Ajay Singh"Ekal"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hopeless Hope Sellers

All successful persons have one thing in common,all are hope sellers. In the decade of 20's it was Mahatma Gandhi who could sale the hope of freedom to Indian and was given the title" Father of Nation" ,In 30's Netaji could convince and made people believe that freedom is just a few days away and the freedom dream may come true ,In 40's it was Pt. Nehru who could make it believe that India now will get "SURAJ"where common man will get his due and participate in the ruling of the country which helped him remain Prime Minister of India for more than 16 years .The chain is long, be it bollywood actor Amitbah who by playing the role of angry young man despite being poor or orphan become super star or author , motivator,writer Shiv Khera sale the hope by writing award wining book"You Can Win"

In fact this one quality can make you a billionaire like Dhiru bhai Ambani in less than twenty years, if you can sale hope of making every share holder a millionaire just by investing a small amount of Rs.1000, there after the ladder was joined by many more like Kishore Biyani of Future Group or Munjal of Hero Honda.

But most sucessful dream seller is Mayawati who could help dreaming the most backwards that they can be represented in the state Assembly through her party who helped him being Chief Minister of UP fourth time . Still many are in Que Amar Singh is try selling hope to Muslim community by favoring SIMI that some day the public at large will accept it as patriot community thus keep terrorizing the public with out much problem. Paswan is also selling hope to 3 Cr. residents of Bangladesh by advocating to provide them citizenship of India , most recent politician in the list is Mamta who is selling hope to farmers in Singur.

Manmohan Singh and his team members Mr. Chidambram ,Montek Singh and company also trying to sale the dream that despite the economic slow down in whole world India will not be affected .Selling dream is one most important ingredient in success therefore even if you need to lie do it, in case people do not want to believe it make them believe by hook or crook only this can ensure one sided win, because no two person sale the same dream therefore no competition , if people believe it you win and if don't you still win since you do not loose.

In the next 3-6 months elections in at least 4 States Assemblies and that of Parliament are due,all political parties from Indian National Congress to BJP ,Mulayam Singh to Mayawati are again busy in rehearsal to get ready with virgin hopes to sell , promising moon to heaven in lieu of vote and support.Voter knows well "कसमे वादे प्यार वफ़ा सब वादे है वादों का क्या " still has to vote to keep the show on."I am proud of My Nation"

Ajay Singh"Ekal"

Monday, October 6, 2008

Advantage of Disadvantage (Part 1)

We Indians are very good in taking advantages of disadvantage, be it flood or drought ,it also does not matter how serious the problem is, we are told in all ancient teachings that we should keep the eye only on the target like Arjun keeping eye on the bird .

We possess one more extra ordinarily dominating quality of fighting with the odds, to the extent that we can even create the chaos to prove our expertise to fight with the odd ,the most burning example is of taking the Kashmir issue to UNO by the Prime Minister Pt. Nehru, simply meaning thereby a problem which could have been resolved at home has become chronic and one who will be able to resolve it will get the reward of being the biggest diplomat in the world.

I , do not remember many things about emergency imposed by Prime Minister Mrs. Gandhi, some 35 years ago but do remember Sanjay Gandhi ,the Youth Congress leader who despite lot of efforts could not put a check on the birth control and subsequently this became one of the most important cause for the down fall of Congress empire in India after almost unbeaten record of ruling a democratic country for more than 28 years.

Failure of Sanjay Gandhi to check the Birth Control in the country has given one unbeatable advantage to India for being the youngest country in the word and therefore in the recommendations given by Knowledge Commission Chairman Mr. Pitroda has recommended to open 1500 universities in the country so that this manpower may be trained as per the requirements of global market to provide services to the whole world. The services to be provided by these people may range from developing high-tech software to defense equipments to teach in the world's renowned universities and colleges.I foresee it as a path to become "VISHWA GURU" in another 5-6 years as was forecasted by Rishi Arvindo almost 50 years ago.

The signs to prove the forecast are visible , coming events have started casting their shadow , son of an ordinary farmer after exploiting fully one of the most potential state of India which stood 3rd in all India states at the time India got freedom in 1947 has gone on 24th in past 62 years of independence. The same talented person after being appointed as the Railway Minister could bring Railways in profits, which was in disadvantages till his predecessors Mr. Nitish was Railway Minister.Now Railway Minister Lalu is getting the congratulation from all concerned for making Railways a profitable venture and Chief Minister Nitish is being congratulated for bringing Bihar on the track of progress. Lalu is being invited for lectures from IIM to Harvard for sharing the secret of management practices applied for making the Railways profitable ,Nitish will also start getting invitation from all those concerned to make Bihar State a good place to live. Every body would like to know the secret, which simply lies in the capability of we Indians to create the mess first as Lalu did it to Bihar and Nitish did it to Railways and then take advantage of disadvantage by putting it on track so "I am proud of my Nation"
Ajay Ekal

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fate of Indian farmers "do and die"

"उत्तम खेती मध्यम बान ,निकृष्ट चाकरी भीख नीदान " said by Saint Kabir Das in 16th century, would have never thought the kind of pity condition farmers will face in this country , whose economy is based on agriculture .That is why those who believed what is said by saint are passing through the miserable conditions from selling their kids to do suicide.

The recent in the series came on 3rd October when more than 8 farmers commited suicide in Viderbha Prant of Maharshtra state http://www.newkeral fullnews- 28943.html

This news is no more important to Government or media because the importance of news is always seen as an opportunity to get popularity.At the time of budget when Government has choice of waving the loan and chance to win the heart of the farmers for vote bank this would have been the news worth highlighting .

When elections are round the corner the importance of visit of Madam Condoleeza Rice is more important, even more important is to spread crocodile tears on situation in Orissa and threating the government to do President Rule by suspending the democratically elected state government which are more important to chase the vote and get support from USA who despite the failure in all his actions be it financial management in the country or attack on the basis of self imposed blames on IRAQ which later proved to be false.

The farmer when does farming on the land remains poor and miserable ,once he sale the land to Ambani's or Birla's, he also become elite who can afford luxury lifestyle, this is so because our leaders never thought of keeping India remain "Bharat" who will work for self reliance and make villages be center of power,instead work to westernization of the country ,where you hate to work hard for doing good to humanities . Mahatma Gandhi who once said that the soul of India lives in villages is now side tracked only the sir name "Gandhi" is salable therefore being used.Since every one can not use the sir name "Gandhi" it is well understood that all privileges will be availed by those who are near and dear to "Gandhi" . YES "I am proud of my Nation".

Ajay Ekal

Saturday, October 4, 2008

US$700 billion rescue operation of "Uncle Sam"

I am not a finance expert but do have a common sense and believe that 80% problem can be understood and solved by it.

Failure of economy due to sub prime trouble is the most discussed topic in business community to common man in India too. The reasons are many, logical when heard from an expert, illogical when said by a common man. The country who has been able to give birth to the top most economist or import it from any continent has become help less.More over most economist having received noble prizes also in USA only. The most powerful person President George Bush who is having the large list of top most economist of the world could not sustain the failure of economy.The paradox is, it is the beginning and not the end of the trouble.

It is for sure that it has not come in a day like an accident of 9/11 which failed all security claims of the most secured nation of the world until then , also it is not the first failure of the US economy , instead there is a long history to support the statement to name a few incidents Penn Central Rail road (1970) $3.2 Billion,Lockheed (1971) $1.4 Billion,Franklin National Bank (1974) $7.7 Billion many more can be seen at

Despite the failure no one shouted at the team of Experts whose negligent and irresponsible behavior shocked the whole world ,things at least seems to be moving business man like Warren Buffett are busy fishing in troubled pound the simple dictum of One Man's trouble Other Man's opportunity would be Buffett of India Chairman , Anil Ambani also want to reap the fruits of turmoil , one thing for sure not happening is Harvard graduates are not abusing any body or getting abused , a new term of "Golden Parachute" is coined for the failed CEO's who are getting fat packets to enjoy rest of their life.

Imagine if this had happened in India the first thing would have been to demand the resignation from Prime Minister,Finance Minister and transfer the responsible top beaurocrates to more safe places by promoting them and all these blaming each other for the failure, rescue package only if it can be used for making the vote bank and ensure the come back in next election .Besides the common man had no option but to get abused by all those lucky once who remained unaffected or less affected with the incident and believing in the hard luck they are born with.
This way India is different from the others and yes" I AM PROUD OF MY NATION"
"Ajay Ekal"