Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fate of Indian farmers "do and die"

"उत्तम खेती मध्यम बान ,निकृष्ट चाकरी भीख नीदान " said by Saint Kabir Das in 16th century, would have never thought the kind of pity condition farmers will face in this country , whose economy is based on agriculture .That is why those who believed what is said by saint are passing through the miserable conditions from selling their kids to do suicide.

The recent in the series came on 3rd October when more than 8 farmers commited suicide in Viderbha Prant of Maharshtra state http://www.newkeral fullnews- 28943.html

This news is no more important to Government or media because the importance of news is always seen as an opportunity to get popularity.At the time of budget when Government has choice of waving the loan and chance to win the heart of the farmers for vote bank this would have been the news worth highlighting .

When elections are round the corner the importance of visit of Madam Condoleeza Rice is more important, even more important is to spread crocodile tears on situation in Orissa and threating the government to do President Rule by suspending the democratically elected state government which are more important to chase the vote and get support from USA who despite the failure in all his actions be it financial management in the country or attack on the basis of self imposed blames on IRAQ which later proved to be false.

The farmer when does farming on the land remains poor and miserable ,once he sale the land to Ambani's or Birla's, he also become elite who can afford luxury lifestyle, this is so because our leaders never thought of keeping India remain "Bharat" who will work for self reliance and make villages be center of power,instead work to westernization of the country ,where you hate to work hard for doing good to humanities . Mahatma Gandhi who once said that the soul of India lives in villages is now side tracked only the sir name "Gandhi" is salable therefore being used.Since every one can not use the sir name "Gandhi" it is well understood that all privileges will be availed by those who are near and dear to "Gandhi" . YES "I am proud of my Nation".

Ajay Ekal

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