Saturday, December 26, 2009

The year 2009 that was to be remembered for ?

"When I was born I was weeping and the world was laughing, when I died I was laughing the world was weeping" Kabir Das

Some thing similar has happened when 2008 ended with a high hope of OBAMA sitting in cockpit to steer the USA to make the world  a better place to live now after what has finally happened in COPENHAGEN just before the end of 2009 the world is weeping on the years performance with the new hope for the New Year.

It is not that it happened so only on the world scenario but at micro level something similar happened in India also. The country successfully managed to hold one more General Election to constitute the 15th Loka Sabha before the results were announced Mr. Advani was having high hopes which could not remain even people like Lalu and Jaya Lalita were also weeping over the results and thus with some pleasure and displeasure the ball started rolling with larger responsibilities on the UPA lead by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in Cockpit and Rahul as Co-pilot the role of Dr. Manmohan singh remained same .With the announcement of Telagana State in first week of December and withdrawing of the idea has created turmoil not only in Andhra Pradesh but in National Politics .The state which gave congress a fortune of making the Government in the mid of the year seems to be anxious to take it back meanwhile the person who managed the power for the congress also left for heavenly abode for the reasons yet to be known.

In the state politics Maharastra public gave a high jolt to Shiv Sena and BJP to bring Congress back in power which may be good also to some extent but MNS becoming powerful may prove something very danger able for the unity of the India and image of Mumbai becoming the world class city and economic capital of India may be damaged. Election results in Jharkhand as also created such a political situation which may keep the state in bad conditions of development for the coming years.

Also  new hopes have arisen for Ruchika Girhotara's family whose unfortunate suicide has broken the hearts of many sensible and responsible people in country specially after it was made public that an IPS officer SPS Rathore has been real villain so Government of India has served the notice to withdraw the retirement facilities and the Police medal though it may not bring Ruchika back but shall be a lesson to all those who have gone mad because of the administrative power to rule or money and muscle power.

BJP got a new leader Nitin Gadkari to lead the second largest party in the country which was awaited for long time and his announcement to care for the people “who do prakram not prikrama” seems to be good indication if he really means what is said by him because it is very likely that soon he will also be surrounded by the people who are good at politics of manipulating things to their own advantage, forming their own groups as is happening for last many years because of which the party which was considered as party with difference emerged as party with difference where every other person was trying to expose his fellow member be it Raj Nath exposing of Jaswant Singh or Jaswant Singh exposing Advani on his role as deputy Prime minister and hiome minsyetr in case of Indian Air Lines Plane high jack case.

Narain Dutt Tiwari once a powerful politician of the country is alleged again (earlier Mr. Shekhar Claimed that N.D. Tiwari was his real father) with sex scandal though difficult to believe yet it may lay cold hand on his reputation and the reputation of Congress party to which he belongs too.

Attempt to attack the dignitaries which started in the beginning of the year when President Bush was attempted in Iraq in the opening week of the year and ended with attack on POPE on the Christmas eve in his own country among his disciples gathered to celebrate the holy birth day of Christ . In between almost all the politician were attempted be it Home Minister Chidambram or L.K. Advani even Dr. Manmohan Singh could not keep away from the attack.

Still four days to go for new year, I wish that it should pass peacefully and welcome the New Year with new hope of Joy and goodness for all the people on the earth, and the mother earth may be more cool help nourishing the brotherhood above the personal interest of country or individual.

Ajay singh"Ekal"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fighting for the Peace

Since time immortal all those who fought said they are Fighting for the Peace. Indian mythology is full of stories be it Sri Ram fighting Ravana or Sri Krishna with Kaurava they all said to have fought for the peace.

The same statement was given by President Obama while speaking on the occasion of accepting the Noble prize of Peace  in OSLO,Norway on 10th December 2009.President also quoted his two ideals  Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King  by saying that it is always not  possible to  follow the principles of non violence and therefore violence becomes a necessary evil to bring peace. The  video of speech delivered on this occassion is available at

Though, I am not qualified to comment on the statement but my observation has been that when Mrs. Gandhi instigated a fight with Pakistan in 1971 which gave birth to    Bangladesh or under her leadership  the first atomic test was performed   the argument remains the same .Even after 25 years , in 1998 When India performed the second atomic test ,for Peace America did put all kind of sanctions against India and not  agreeing with the  arguments made by then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpai for the reasons best known to them.

I am therefore compelled to understand that all fights are for peace only, beacuse after fight of any magnitude ( at least one of the fighter will be no more) there can only be peace .This surely means that if you  work for  non violence as practised  by Gandhi ji ,it shall bring some peace but ultimately there shall be violence as happened after partition of India .But if you fight for peace there shall be peace .

President Obama has understood this well and therefore despite being a hard follower of two non violence angels Mahatma Gandhi and Martin L King whose photo is always carried by him and has hanged it on wall too,he had courage to say that it is not possible to follow their principles always. So follow it as per convince of follow up.The day Noble for peace was announced by the committee ,the fight over the decision started the very same day, some said it was too early,while other expressed it as a premature decision but as it always happens after a fight there is peace therefore fight over the decision also brought peace to support President OBAMA to continue his "FIGHT FOR THE PEACE"

I am thankful to the Nobel prize committee for opening the eyes of the people who till now were practicing non violence for peace.I have also understood the reason for saying "  समरथ को नहीं दोस गुसाईं " by Poet Tulsi Das some 400 years ago possibly ,he knew that what ever shall be said by the powerful person or nation only  that shall become an ideal to follow.

Ajay Singh"EKAL"