Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Is Not well

All is well only for few Lucky Indians. A.R Raheman by Jai ho and AAmir Khan by analyzing the idiot system of India not only broke record of earnings in film industry but also Could get Padam Bhusan award ,which is 2nd Citizen award of the country. AAmir Khan never went to receive the awards given by corporate world or film industry because he did not had good opinion about these award.

The award has placed AAMIR KHAN as one of the finest actor among the past and living legends like Amitabh, who is supposed to be the Super Hero of the century. Award can not be the only criteria to judge talent of a person and Amitabh is second to none. One more thing common between AAmir and Amitabh is that both are patriot citizen of India which made proud to all Indians.

IPL 3 has given pleasant surprises not to cricket lovers only but more to common man who was just enjoying with Modi .Modi like Bramha Created the concept ,run the matches like Vishnu and now on the verge of destroying it like Shankar . But this time in IPL only cricket teams are not being defected but also player like Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi have also been thrown out. If the fair enquiry and unbiased action can be ensured by the public pressure and opposition it shall unveil many more faces which may be more beautiful than Sunanda and handsome than Tharoor .Pawar like a good weather friend left the Modi's hand no sooner than he was able to identify him as sinking ship .Being an eminent politician of the country he knows to whom to hold and by whom to get hold. He was the first politician to left Sonia on the issue of foreign citizen ship but when saw that no better option to get in to power ,caught hold the "foreign hand" .I wish that UPA Government shall be able panelize those who behave like a person who is above the law of the land and country. Though it has no past track of good governance and has manipulated most of the cases held in this regime.

The party with difference "BJP" organized a Public rally in New Delhi today . This naturally has created the chaos in the Capital. But problem is that chaos was not created by BJP but was result of the rally which are being organized by all the political parties in New Delhi time to time being the capital of India .What other place could be possible where all top bureaucrats and political leaders are available .One more chaos was created when Nitin Gadkari who call him self a poster boy fell down and got faint due to the high temperature of the capital where heat of weather and politics was felt.

I have few suggestions to avoid this situation in future:

1.No party should be allowed to organize a large gathering of people in New Delhi.

2.The place and venue of rally will be chosen according to whether condition like in this hot weather some place with hills around could have benefited the Gadkai who is not use to such high temperature ,the state where it shall be organized will get benefit of large visitor to the state and earn by trade ,the visitor will also get the benefit of seeing the new places in the country every time. Who are bored by now seeing the same old place again and again.

3.As far availability of the important politicians and bureaucrats is concerned they may also visit the same place where it is being organized and if some reason they are not able to go, they can see and listen to it through 24X7 media news as per the convenient and time and place. Believe me even if they are present there ,they will not listen to the common man जिसकी आवाज नक्कार खाने मे तूती की तरह सुनाई नहीं पड़ रही है क्योंकि चुनाव दूर है और पब्लिक मजबूर है . मगर इतनी दूर भी नहीं की चल कर चुनाव तक आ न सके .

Some time back some police officer in Mumbai was found dancing in the party of DAWN. Then how Delhi can left behind. Therefore Delhi police officers also joined a party organized by a well known gangster and media caught them drinking and dancing in the party. The one immediate thought which came in mind was की राम राज्य आने वाला है कयोंकि अब शेर और बकरी एक घाट पर पी रहे है .एही तो एक चीज है जो दुशमन को भी दोस्त बना देती है.

अब इसका राज कोई बता सके तो पता चलेगा की "All IS NOT WELL"

Ajay Singh "Ekal"