Friday, September 11, 2009

Ekal International Conference: An opportunity to meet Integrated “Bharat”

"The soul of India lives in its villages," declared M. K. Gandhi at the beginning of 20th century. According to the 2001 Indian census, 74% of Indians live in 638,365 different villages, who are believed have the earning of Rs.20 or less per day. The basic infrastructure such as school ,health care centre ,connecting road etc are still a dream in most of the villages even after 62 years of freedom.

Ekal Movement started in 1988 at place in Jharkhand (earst while Bihar) took the pledge of empowering these villagers and now have reached more than 28000 villages by June 2009.The movement has successfully managed to run program for literacy, health care, village development and Swabhiman Jagran with the help of more than 6000 full time volunteers .The system implemented to mange these program are par excellence and have reaped unbelievable results.

Ekal international Conference being organized in New Delhi on 30th -31st October and 1st November 2009 will provide an opportunity to residents of city and NRI’s being assembled to participate in conference the capacity building done by the Ekal Movement which is otherwise difficult to believe. This shall be a life time experience because meeting more than 10000 full time and free time volunteers at one place may not be again in years to come.

Major attraction of the conference are:

· All seasons of the conference to be managed by full time volunteers.

· Volunteers assembling from all over country will with different language speaking, dressed differently moving in one rhythm.

· State wise exhibition of handicraft ,school information, village information shall be displayed and will be available for inspection.

· The history and progress path of Ekal movement shall be displayed through list ,chart, posters along the supporting.

· Development statistics of the villages where Ekal movement is working shall be displayed

· Thousand of workers will provide first hand information of the experience which has taken place due to Ekal Movement in the villages.

· To encourage Ekal Volunteers 5 Honors to recognize the efforts in the category of Literacy, Health ,Development, Jagran and Swalamban category to be given.

· Ekal Volunteers and professional artist to perform cultural program in evening on 30th and 31st October 2009

Ekal International Conference will make people of this country believe that the Ekal Movement has helped people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Assam and Arunachal to Kuch that these village people if given proper training ,support and encouraged they can not only improve their life but also can contribute to the development of this Great Nation to even Greater. uk{kkjks ea= ghuks] u ewya p vuks'/ke] vvksX;ks iq:"kksa ukfLr] ;kstDL= nqjyHkk meaning there by all alphabets are mantra, all roots are medicine and there is no person who is not capable of contributing positively to the society provided he is given proper guidance and opportunity to perform which Ekal Movement is going to exhibit in coming conference.

It shall be great experience to see the people form all over country singing and dancing in rhythm and doing efforts to make this nation a great country despite the fact that it is a herculean task. But history is witness to the fact that only efforts done for the making im-possible a possible are remembered for longer time and command unimaginable respect in society.

I am sure Ekal Movement will also be one such effort which shall give new direction to the country and will be remembered for centuries to come. My hats off to the workers who are sweating night and day for the cause.

Ajay Singh"Ekal"