Monday, October 6, 2008

Advantage of Disadvantage (Part 1)

We Indians are very good in taking advantages of disadvantage, be it flood or drought ,it also does not matter how serious the problem is, we are told in all ancient teachings that we should keep the eye only on the target like Arjun keeping eye on the bird .

We possess one more extra ordinarily dominating quality of fighting with the odds, to the extent that we can even create the chaos to prove our expertise to fight with the odd ,the most burning example is of taking the Kashmir issue to UNO by the Prime Minister Pt. Nehru, simply meaning thereby a problem which could have been resolved at home has become chronic and one who will be able to resolve it will get the reward of being the biggest diplomat in the world.

I , do not remember many things about emergency imposed by Prime Minister Mrs. Gandhi, some 35 years ago but do remember Sanjay Gandhi ,the Youth Congress leader who despite lot of efforts could not put a check on the birth control and subsequently this became one of the most important cause for the down fall of Congress empire in India after almost unbeaten record of ruling a democratic country for more than 28 years.

Failure of Sanjay Gandhi to check the Birth Control in the country has given one unbeatable advantage to India for being the youngest country in the word and therefore in the recommendations given by Knowledge Commission Chairman Mr. Pitroda has recommended to open 1500 universities in the country so that this manpower may be trained as per the requirements of global market to provide services to the whole world. The services to be provided by these people may range from developing high-tech software to defense equipments to teach in the world's renowned universities and colleges.I foresee it as a path to become "VISHWA GURU" in another 5-6 years as was forecasted by Rishi Arvindo almost 50 years ago.

The signs to prove the forecast are visible , coming events have started casting their shadow , son of an ordinary farmer after exploiting fully one of the most potential state of India which stood 3rd in all India states at the time India got freedom in 1947 has gone on 24th in past 62 years of independence. The same talented person after being appointed as the Railway Minister could bring Railways in profits, which was in disadvantages till his predecessors Mr. Nitish was Railway Minister.Now Railway Minister Lalu is getting the congratulation from all concerned for making Railways a profitable venture and Chief Minister Nitish is being congratulated for bringing Bihar on the track of progress. Lalu is being invited for lectures from IIM to Harvard for sharing the secret of management practices applied for making the Railways profitable ,Nitish will also start getting invitation from all those concerned to make Bihar State a good place to live. Every body would like to know the secret, which simply lies in the capability of we Indians to create the mess first as Lalu did it to Bihar and Nitish did it to Railways and then take advantage of disadvantage by putting it on track so "I am proud of my Nation"
Ajay Ekal

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