Friday, October 10, 2008

Hopeless Hope Sellers

All successful persons have one thing in common,all are hope sellers. In the decade of 20's it was Mahatma Gandhi who could sale the hope of freedom to Indian and was given the title" Father of Nation" ,In 30's Netaji could convince and made people believe that freedom is just a few days away and the freedom dream may come true ,In 40's it was Pt. Nehru who could make it believe that India now will get "SURAJ"where common man will get his due and participate in the ruling of the country which helped him remain Prime Minister of India for more than 16 years .The chain is long, be it bollywood actor Amitbah who by playing the role of angry young man despite being poor or orphan become super star or author , motivator,writer Shiv Khera sale the hope by writing award wining book"You Can Win"

In fact this one quality can make you a billionaire like Dhiru bhai Ambani in less than twenty years, if you can sale hope of making every share holder a millionaire just by investing a small amount of Rs.1000, there after the ladder was joined by many more like Kishore Biyani of Future Group or Munjal of Hero Honda.

But most sucessful dream seller is Mayawati who could help dreaming the most backwards that they can be represented in the state Assembly through her party who helped him being Chief Minister of UP fourth time . Still many are in Que Amar Singh is try selling hope to Muslim community by favoring SIMI that some day the public at large will accept it as patriot community thus keep terrorizing the public with out much problem. Paswan is also selling hope to 3 Cr. residents of Bangladesh by advocating to provide them citizenship of India , most recent politician in the list is Mamta who is selling hope to farmers in Singur.

Manmohan Singh and his team members Mr. Chidambram ,Montek Singh and company also trying to sale the dream that despite the economic slow down in whole world India will not be affected .Selling dream is one most important ingredient in success therefore even if you need to lie do it, in case people do not want to believe it make them believe by hook or crook only this can ensure one sided win, because no two person sale the same dream therefore no competition , if people believe it you win and if don't you still win since you do not loose.

In the next 3-6 months elections in at least 4 States Assemblies and that of Parliament are due,all political parties from Indian National Congress to BJP ,Mulayam Singh to Mayawati are again busy in rehearsal to get ready with virgin hopes to sell , promising moon to heaven in lieu of vote and support.Voter knows well "कसमे वादे प्यार वफ़ा सब वादे है वादों का क्या " still has to vote to keep the show on."I am proud of My Nation"

Ajay Singh"Ekal"

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I totally agree with u, MY NATION MY PRIDE. Jai Hind!!!