Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chanda Mama Aab Door Nahi

The most popular rhyme "चंदा मामा दूर के " will sound good no more ,with the successful launch of " First Indian Moon Mission Chandrayaan" the myth of moon being far is possibly broken, but I wish the other associated wishes like moon being sweet like maternal uncle and many more should remain and continue for centuries to come.Let science reduce the distance and not the love and respect.

Some 4-5 years ago there was a news that companies in USA have started selling the land at the moon still there are companies breaking news associated with it is that over 300 Million acre is already sold. When I saw this news first thought that it might be some fraud business and never tried to find if it is real ,but now with India's presence on the moon will open the new door of business for property dealers in India too.The news is giving more comfort as it has come at time when global business are in spate of recession.

This all is only one side of the story , now it is difficult to imagine where the lovers who always use to sing the song "चलो दिलदार चलो चाँद के पार चलो " will go and find the place as safe as moon use to be.

Some day scientist may find the way to reach the other planets also, which far big and distant as compare to moon and are seen with utmost respect , representing the sentiments.But I am awaiting the day when all human being have equal opportunities with no differential treatment between haves and haves not, having food and shelter for need and living with respect and dignity in the society .

Again my heartiest congratulations to Indian Scientists who made all "Indian's Feel Proud"

Ajay Singh"Ekal"

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