Sunday, August 15, 2010

Go for Wealth

Common Wealth Game may mean different to different people, to me it is a game, which makes it easy to loot the wealth of  common men of the country and leave them to hue and cry. I have seen the the monkey doing "Kalamandi" since my child hood but "Kalamandi" of human being has been experienced by me and other fellow country men first time in the history of India.
I must congratulate "Suresh" for raising the standard of  corruption in the country.This may be a good case study to many  management students to do the research as till the 1980 the bribe and charging over the market price in government supply was limited to 40-50% ,which further rose up to 100-200% in the next decade.Now precedence shall be available for no such bar,now it shall be simply based on the convenience  of giver and taker, the rent could be even more than the cost . So stop talking the standard or bar let there be "sky is the limit".
There has been absolutely no discussion how is the preparation of  players going on and what are the prospects ,this has become simply irrelevant .Khel Mantri  Gill to Chief Minister Sheila Dixit including her  M.P.son Sandeep all are busy making money quickly ,only those who are left behind are making some noise they are mainly from other parties and singing the chorus"कारवा गुजर गया गुबार देखते रहे ".Many other who are not part of it and really willing
to see the thing going right are feeling help less  and repeating    the old slogan "कानून अपना काम करेगा "

May I ask the Government of India  why law has failed to prosecute the people indulged in misuse of public money to name a few one can recall the case of "Hasan Ali " a stud farm owner  having dues of 25000 Cr or RS Nagarwala or politician "Sukhram" there could be long list but in past 50 years there is hardly any one got punishment ,this is the possibly fate of  "Common Wealth Loot" also ,do what ever you like and if need by leave the country like many Kalamandi and their team.

This recalls me a famous quote of Shahid Bhagat Singh who once said "it is easy to protest to English men's act and deed but how will identify the "काले अंग्रेज "who are sitting among us and I found him absolutely  correct.
"हैलट साही मा हेईट दीन अब  गाँधी कैप लगाइत  है, हम तब बो  लूट के खावा है औ अब्बो लुटित खाइते है "

Happy Independence Day .
अजय एकल 
Posted by "Ajay Singh"

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