Saturday, May 2, 2009

Election 2009 -A Competition to Hit Below The Belt

Three round of elections are over while two more are remaining.After five round of election by the public is over ,the sixth will be played by the newly elected Members of Parliament to be in the Government and unprecedented horse trading is likely to take place in the interest of Nation where money will be invested by Multinationals,Indian Corporates and other big business man to secure the future.
The election 2009 will be remembered for a long time for many reasons ,one of them will be to recall how many time a leader has hit below the belt to other leader and as per status to how big is list of the leader who are hit .The competition for the bumper prize is between Lalu of RJD and Amar Singh of SP.The fight for the second prize is tough and is between Sonia and Advani,Modi and Manmohan even Rahul and Maya may also be nominated for this category.For the third prize all leader of this grade may get nomination which may include Varun,Priaynka,Kalyan etc. the list is long.
The second reason for remembering the election would be to see how the tooth less election commission has kept giving notices for not following the आदर्श आचार संहिता of election and leaders with out getting affected or feeling ashamed of it .If the counting is done Lalu here will also win mega prize in the race .Again for the second prize , the contestant are many to name a few are Sanjay who have offered pappy and Jahppy to Maya or Varun who in addition to getting notice got the prison also now doing sentimental black mailing to the voters by asking to repay the price of tears of his mother Menka.
The third most important feature of this election has been जूता बाजी ,leader from both the National party had privilege of enjoying it ,the point worth noting here is that every one got it according to status like PC got Addidas and Advani got chatti ,Manmohan also could get branded but CM Yedurappa was not so lucky.This has been the one distinguished feature of both National party .
I heard a poem some 40 years ago still relevant today "हैलटसाही में हैएत दींन अब गाँधी कैप लागायेत है ,हम तब्बो लूट के खाया है और अब्बो लूट के खाएइत है " ( I enjoyed all the privileges in british raj and now enjoying in khadi raj) I am sure these lines were written for some particular kind of person who were enjoying the privileges from Britishers who were ruling the country at that time and there after from Government of India ,but these persons were neither respected in the society nor were role model for the society but with time सब कुछ बदल गया है , yesterday on May day a great singer of Hindi song was celebrating the birthday and a song was being play on the radio अपने लिए जिए तो क्या जिए ,तू जी ए दिल जमाने के लिए and I was thinking about the poet to be a fortunate man and daring too, who could give such noble thought else leadership of today would have give given good lesson by kidnapping his kith and kin.
Iron is going to be hot after fifteen days(16TH May) all are ready to strike it at the right time and place ,since all parliamentarians take oath to do all such act and deeds which are in the interest of Nation, they will do so even if they are required to sale their soul or on the voice of soul and world will be witnessing one more great auction show of Indian democracy.
It does not matter how we save the democracy or how much we save but I am sure some thing will remain saved for the 16Th Parliament too ,only time will tell who will be PM and who will in waiting till then but what ever will be left I shall be "Proud to be part of the Nation who despite so many odds will stand to see the next elections"
Ajay Singh"Ekal"

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