Wednesday, May 6, 2009

वाह ! बेटा बाप से बढ़ के

There is no limit of telling the truth.Suddenly Rahul have understood the importance of confessing publicly ,specially in election days and how it can help pulling voters in favour.His father also made a confession publicly that every rupee sent from centre only 15 paisa reaches to the last man.The statement was appreciated as it did sound well and created hope that now it is known to the highest office ,therefore some efforts shall be made to perform better, hence is being quoted by all leaders in their speeches.The son is far ahead he says only 10 paisa reaches to the poor,no effort is made to tell the public why the situation got worst despite the fact that for last 25 year almost 17 years Congress has been in power. Is the confession enough, did Rajeev made any effort after knowing that only 15 paisa reaches to last man or now Rahul will make any effort as how to make 50 paisa reach to the last man instead of 10 .Now it is also known where this 85 paisa is deposited which was allocated for welfare of country men but have reached in hand of corrupt leaders and bureaucrats of India, but the ruiling Congress party of which Rahul is General Secretary is not even ready to disclose the name of three persons who are culprit of keeping black money out side India and exposed by German bank .No action of the Government is giving the message that they are willing to expose the persons behind and bring the black money back in India.Instead PM Shri Manmohan Singh and his Government seems to be in restless position and want to give clean chit to BOFORS Broker hurriedly. The same BOFORS case sent Rajiv'S Congress out of power and history may repeat again after almost 20 years.
Also Rahul has started talking big and raised the question of democracy in the political parties.A very good issue to be discussed but for last 125 years of Congress record which has not been clean creates doubt that they will suceed to do so.Even before the independence any leader who emerged popular but was not in good book of Mahatma Gandhi could not either sustain or was thrown away Subahs Chandra Bose and Saradar Patel are good example,after the independence the record has been still bad.After your Grand Mother took over the party every thing was your Grand Maa ,she was surrounded by people like Dhillon who once said India is Indra and Indra is India and party was of course in her pocket.So is the case now also.I have not heard any election held in congress party for last several years neither your mother nor you are elected functionary of Congress ,but well I am happy that you have courage to confess it publicly ,if it is only a stunt to impress the public it is good ,if it is something beyond let the country know what your plans are?
Your appreciation for Nitish Kumar ,Bihar CM has also cached the headlines ,if it honest assessment of his work and letting people know that you have courage to appreciate even political opponents it is certainly one good gesture and we all are with you and have lot of appreciation but if it is part of politics and your appreciation has come just to lure the Nitish and invite him to join part of post election alliance ,you will be also assessed as a politician who for getting the power can go to any extent.Only time will tell what your intentions are ?
You have learned well how to impress public be it dining with some poor family in your constituency or meeting some Premavati in Madhay Pradesh and discussing it in Parliament or be it Congress Sammellan at Ram Lila ground when you confess that a common youth can not rise to the top position in Congress,I believe all these action are planned by your political advisor who have forgotten to tell you that these statements become meaning full only if you practice it first and advice later as Mahtama Gandhi did .When a mother requested Gandhi ji to give the teaching to her son for not eating the Indian sweets ,he simply asked her to come next week .Next week when the lady came Gandhi ji taught all good lesson to her son,to best of surprise when lady asked why Gandhi ji did not agree to do so last week he simply confessed that till then I was also eating it ,therefore had no moral to teach others not to practice when I my self is practicing it.
If god is willing and your party comes to power you, will be sworn in Minister as you have already expressed your desire then you will have more powers given by constitution of India,I am willing, you do something which is beyond statement and real ideal for youth brigade of India to follow in the interest of this great country .
Then I shall be proud of you and this Nation who has given birth to Many Gandhi's some which have truly served the country.
Ajay Singh "Ekal"

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