Saturday, May 16, 2009

King Makers in Queue

Election results for 15th Lok Sabha are out,who so ever could not join the PM in waiting Club became king maker.Be it Jay Lalita or Chandra Babu from Southern states of India or Mulyam or Lalu from Northern States.All had done their calculations of who wants what,Amar Singh announce that this time he will not be sold for less price as he did when supported Congress after support was withdrawn by Left parties and Government was almost on the verge of collapse.Teen Deviya Maya,Mamta and Jaya were very sure to play crucial role in making of the Government and prepared herself to ask for the full price for the same.All other negotiators too had sharpen their tools to get a bigger pie of the cake.But forgotten one simple learning भगवान गंजे को नाखून नही देता है ! and for god sake now are in queue, in hope of some breeze coming via 10,Janpath Road.
Does'not matter, Congress led UPA has got almost absolute majority and this time PM Manmohan Singh do not need to work like captive labour as he said in July 2008 when left pressurized Manmohan to go back on Neuclear deal issue. Dear Manmohan need only to remain and work as दूत of Sonia Gandhi as confessed by him in an election rally of Congress in Rajsthan when he said that I have come here as Representative of Sonia ji who has sent me to take her message to you. We all congratulate and wish all the best to Manmohan Singh for his second inning as Prime Minster of India likely to begun in few days from now. Now let Congress prove its worth to India and Indian in next five years going ahead of just talk as stated by Rahul in election campaign that BJP 's shining India is confined to elites only and hand of congress is with dalit and adivasi also.
Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) as ever has started doing the introspection but to do it you need to keep your eyes open लेकिन पार्टी के धृत राष्ट्रों को कुछ दिखाई देगा इसमे बहुत संदेह है पिछले पाँच सालो मे पार्टी ने कम से कम पाँच चुनाव हारे है परन्तु पार्टी यह सोंच कर खुश है की हमने तीन जीते भी तो है और जब बिना कुछ किए तीन जीत लिए है तो करने की क्या जरूरत है ! Party leaders are happily playing game of letting down each other whether it is fight of Sudhansu Mittal and Arun Jaitley issue in Delhi or SC Mathur and Vasundhra issue in Rajasthan or issue of calling Mr. Jinnah a secular man by Advani ji which let down Advani ji by his party men.Even Advani ji countered it by saying that though he was Home minister and Dy.PM too when Indian air line passengers were rescued by Government of India ,he was not taken into confidence just to let down their colleagues .When Ma. Sudershan ji (पूर्व सर संघ चालक जी)advised Advani ji to retire from active politics on the ground that all people who have attend the age of 75 should be away his advice was not taken seriously .मुझे यहाँ भारत के महान खिलाडी सुनील गावस्कर की याद आती है जिन्होंने क्रिकेट को उस समय अलविदा कहा जब वह चोटी पर थे और बाकी लोगों को भी यह सलाह दी ,की सन्यास लेने का सही समय तब होता है जब आप चोटी पर हो अन्यथा आपको लोग रिटाएर कर देंगे और आपको मायूसी के साथ संन्यास लेना पड़ेगा!
The election results have proved one thing far sure that the public in this country is getting matured day by day despite lot of hard ship and illiteracy and the day is not far off when public will through all such politicians and parties who are unable to deliver the promises and aspirations to the public.My hats off to the public who despite lot of odds has done good to the country by supporting one party giving enough power to act and keep India's head high among the Democratic countries of the world .I am proud to be citizen of the biggest democarcy of the world.
Ajay Singh "Ekal"

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BargainBox said...

I have been glued to the TV for most of yesterday. I think your assesment is fair that above all, this election has shown that the voter in India is very mature.